Dash Cams

Dash Cams

Dash Cams

An Extra Eye on the Road


A Dash Cam is a specialised on-board surveillance camera that is designed to monitor and record driving incidents.

Mounted to the windshield, the camera turns on automatically upon starting the ignition, and actively records video files with an auto-looping mechanism.  It has real-time impact detection which allows the camera to store incident footage in a secure location, whereupon sensing an impact.

The video files can be used as supplementary evidence for insurance purposes, which can protect the driver against insurance frauds or hit-and-runs.

  • Continuous Recording

    This mode is automatically activated when you start the engine.
    Recorded video is saved in a series of one minute clips, and there is no need to recharge or replace the battery.

  • Incident Recording

    A built-in gyro sensor that detects impact and starts recording while you drive your car or when it is parked.
    The camera constantly records while you drive your car, and it starts saving footage 10 seconds before a collision is detected.

  • Automatic Switching between Parking and Continuous Recording Modes

    The Dash Cam detects voltage to confirm that the engine is not running before switching to Parking Mode. In this mode, motion detection recording is activated.
    When you start the engine, the Dash Cam automatically switches to Continuous Mode.

  • Motion Detection Recording

    In this mode, the Dash Cam starts recording when it detects motion in front of the camera. It records if there is any person approaching or lurking near your car.


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