Widebody Mustang 11 Inch Screen and Huge Audio Upgrade

June 5, 2022

XFIRE Audio – Alpine iLX F115D 11 Inch Halo Multimedia – Focal Rear Speakers – Soundproofing – Specialist Cabling – Custom Fascia with Digital Heaters and Display | B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff


Widebody Mustang 11 Inch Screen and Huge Audio Upgrade

They don’t come wider than this wild Mustang widebody beast. For a car this size the audio and multimedia upgrades were equally as big and lavish. Just the facia panel alone was £500. So here is a list of what the Audioconcepts team installed and further down is a breakdown of some of the upgrades.

What went into the Mustang:

  • Xfire tweeters
  • Xfire 3” mids
  • Xfire 6” Midbass
  • Xfire mono amplifier x1
  • Xfire 4 channel amplifier x2
  • Xfire 12” monster subwoofers x2
  • Focal rear speakers
  • Soundproofing
  • Connection cables
  • Connects2 custom facia with digital heaters and display
  • Unlock App Box

Alpine Halo 11 – Alpines largest display

If you are looking for maximum screen size in your dashboard, the Alpine Halo 11 (iLX-F115D) is for you. Its 11-inch HD screen is especially suitable for any vehicle with a large dashboard, such as motorhomes, pick-up trucks, vans, camping-busses, etc, but can of course also used in any other vehicle with a 1DIN or 2DIN radio dock and brings the very latest entertainment features and formats to your ride.

The iLX-F115D Alpine Halo 11 is the second generation of Alpine’s world-famous Halo product line, featuring a gigantic XXL 11-inch high-resolution WXGA touch-screen and is compatible with virtually any vehicle with 1DIN or 2DIN installation dock. This Head Unit is especially suitable for vans, pick-up trucks, motorhomes or any other vehicle with a large dashboard – or simply any user looking for maximum screen size. The super-slim display appears to simply hover over your dashboard and can be adjusted in various ways for the best position.

Enjoy wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (wired) compatibility, DAB+ digital radio, USB video playback, Hi-Res Audio playback, Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming and much more with this amazing Head Unit.

Bring exceptionally good sound quality into your vehicle: the Alpine Halo 11 is the world’s first Head Unit featuring a built-in Class-D amplifier and has a wide array of professional sound tuning functions, such as 2-way X-overs, a Parametric EQ, digital time correction and much more.

11-inch XXL HD Display

The Alpine Halo 11 is the culmination of the Alpine Halo display platform. The large, 11-inch HD touch-screen display features a resolution of 1280 x 720p (WXGA) and has 49% more surface area than the highly popular, award winning Alpine Halo 9 – making icons, menus and visual content even more crisp and vibrant in your dash. The screen is attached to an adjustable mount connected to a single-DIN chassis that’s designed to fit in most 1DIN or 2DIN dash openings.

Wireless Apple CarPlay

The iLX-F115D “Works with Apple CarPlay” wirelessly and lets iPhone users make and receive calls, access and write text messages, play music, and get direction in a way that allows them to stay focused on the road. Apple CarPlay is accessed through the capacitive touchscreen or the mic button to activate Siri voice control. Due to the WiFi connection, you can keep your iPhone in your pocket and do not need to plug it in all the time (except for charging).

2x USB Ports

While the Alpine Halo 11 is mech-less (no built-in CD/DVD drive), you still have plenty of entertainment options. 2 USB ports located on the back of the unit allow you for example to connect one mobile device for charging, while the other USB port is used to plug in a USB stick or hard drive to access audio and video files.

User-adjustable Display

With five vertical adjustments, free angle selection, and two separate depths, you can position the floating display in the most optimal position, so you still have access to your dash controls and air vents. The user now can freely adjust the display angle at any time, to achieve best visibility and to avoid sunlight glare.

World’s First Head Unit With Built-in Class-D Amplifier

The iLX-F115D is the world’s first aftermarket Head Unit featuring a built-in 4x 50 Watts Class-D amplifier – allowing excellent, high-end sound reproduction with highly reduced noise or phase shift. The key benefit of Class-D amplification technology is its high efficiency of about 90%, compared to 50 – 70% of Class AB amplifiers. New high-speed fans with internal heat sinks keep your Alpine Halo 11 cool – and the music playing.

Enjoy Excellent Sound Quality

Featuring a 56-band Parametric EQ in the advanced mode, a 2-way digital X-over, 6-channel digital time correction and several Bass Engine SQ and MediaXpander sound tuning options, you have excellent tools at your disposal to tune your Alpine Halo 11 and the attached amp / speaker system to perfection. But we didn’t stop there: The Alpine Halo 11 is Hi-Res Audio certified and can decode and playback Hi-Res Audio files up to 96kHz / 1.536 kbps from USB sources in uncompressed supported formats such as FLAC, WAV and APE.

Wide Entertainment Options

The all new DAB/ radio tuner allows DAB – FM switching and lets you enjoy seamless radio reception without interruptions. Next the increased USB video playback formats (MP4, MOV, FLV, MKV), the Alpine Halo 11 features many additional entertainment options: the built-in Bluetooth module allows audio streaming from your phone and the HDMI input enables the connection of an external video playback device. You can of course use Android Auto with any compatible smartphone running Android (wired connection).

Vehicle Data-bus Connections

If your car is equipped with parking sensors and, you can continue to use these convenient functions with your iLX-F115D. Alpine offers many vehicle data-bus interfaces to connect your Alpine Halo 11 to your vehicle’s data-bus system. This enables compatibility with your vehicle’s steering wheel control buttons, display of air conditioning settings as well parking sensor display.

Drive-Assist Cameras

A rear view camera is a great way to make reversing safer. The camera image automatically comes on when you shift into reverse and distance guides that can be adjusted to match your car size will appear on the screen to help you safely park your car. Alpine offers a wide variety of front and rear facing cameras, including multi-view cameras with selectable viewing angles. You can even view the camera screen and parking sensor screen simultaneously, if your car supports it.

External Control Knob

The separately available RUE-BK01 control knob connects wirelessly to the Alpine Halo 11 and can be installed to the left or right side of the touch-screen. Alternatively you can also place the control knob anywhere else in the vehicle with a simple custom installation. Turning the knob will adjust the Head Unit’s volume output, while pushing it activates the rear view camera on the screen.
Note: this control knob has no function if wireless Apple CarPlay is active.


XFR Signature Series Components redefine the boundaries of sonic euphoria with lush, crystal clear image and dynamics the way music was intended to be heard. XFRS Series Components garner exquisite definition and detail.


  • Specially formulated carbon-paper composite cones coupled with ASV voice coils
  • Shallow mount 3” midrange with PB chassis and conical wave guide
  • 25mm inverted dome aluminium tweeters matched with external crossovers
  • Neodimium motor structures
  • Butyl rubber surrounds



Built upon on our tried and true technologies platform, the E-Series amplifiers are an Evolution of grace, power and performance.
At its core the E Series amplifiers are built with our signature CRD footprint utilizing every aspect of the SMT-PCB?s creating a significantly smaller amplifier that produces amazing sound and superior performance compared to amplifiers twice their size.
Our Full Range Class D architecture gets a performance boost with our New Suspended Air-Core Heat sink. This new heat sink offers 360 degrees of constant cooling directivity. A radical new approach of advanced cooling compared to conventional formats.
The E-Series amplifiers incorporate future proof technologies like Stop/Start ready, that allow the amplifier to remain powered during the Stop/Start cycle at low voltages without damaging the amplifier.
Loaded with a fully backlit XFIRE logo and a complement of crossover and channel configurations coupled with exceptional signal to noise ratios the E-Series amplifiers stand head and shoulders above the crowd.


XFIRE 4 Channel Amplifier Features:

>> Ultra efficient 4-channel full range Class-D topology design with 5 volt inputs and 2 ohm stability
>> Extensive customisation controls like HP/LP/BP crossovers make it easy to design the perfect soundstage
>> Small, sleek, blacked-out all aluminium chassis
>> “Direct Device Mount” PCB’s and tight tolerance components for improved signal to noise ratios for superior musical reproduction from the very first note
>> Input and output connectors direct PCB mounted ensuring maximum power and signal transfer while side panel secured terminals resist flex, twist or breakage for structural integrity and performance
>> ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits


XFIRE Mono Amplifier Features:

>> Ultra efficient Mono Block Class-D topology design with 5 volt inputs and 2 ohm stability
>> Extensive customisation controls like LP/Subsonic crossovers make it easy to design the perfect soundstage
>> “Easy Link” technology to have two amps work as one
>> Small, sleek, blacked-out all aluminium chassis
>> “Direct Device Mount” PCB’s and tight tolerance components for improved signal to noise ratios for superior musical reproduction from the very first note
>> Input and output connectors direct PCB mounted ensuring maximum power and signal transfer while side panel secured terminals resist flex, twist or breakage for structural integrity and performance
>> ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits
>> E-Series bass remote included



XFR Series Components project crisp, responsive detail allowing every musical note and nuance to shimmer with rich unaltered detail. XFR Series Components are available in several size profiles for fast, easy OEM integration or to build the soundscape of your dreams.


  • Specially formulated carbon-paper composite cones coupled with ASV voice coils
  • Shallow mount 6.5” mid-bass
  • Cast aluminum chassis
  • Ferrite (6.5” mid-bass) motor structures
  • Butyl rubber surrounds
  • Brushed aluminium gaskets
  • Polished chrome backplates
  • XFIRE molded motor covers


XFIRE XFR Subwoofers

Powerful yet sonically stunning. Bold yet accurate.
Performance driven mobile audio subwoofers built with immense durability and musical integrity.

XFR Decimator Series subwoofers bridge the gap between outstanding performance and reliability with a musicality capable of reproducing every subtle nuance to all out audio aggression when you want it. Designed with today?s mobile audio consumer in mind, the XFR Decimator Series subwoofers boast a monumental 1500 Watts rms (4500 Watts max)


  • Die cast “Dura-Frame” black powder basket with “Direct Coil Cooling”
  • 240 ounce triple stacked ferrite motor structure
  • Chrome machined T-yokes with logo punched back plate
  • US made 3″ 4-layer copper voice coil
  • Ultra lightweight black carbon fiber cone with “Precision Linear Drive” dual stitched resin fiber surround
  • “Quad Core” progressive conex spider assembly with industrial woven dual tinsel leads
  • XFIRE molded motor cover
  • XFIRE secure seal gasket
  • Compression fit terminals


Focal PC 165 SF Speakers

The 2-way coaxial kit PC 165 SF incorporates the essence of Focal’s latest technologies to deliver performance, reliability and French manufacturing. Its exclusive Slatefiber cone helps create a rich soundscape. Its standard dimensions of 61/2” (165mm) and smart design means it can be installed in most vehicles on the market. Last but not least, its high sensitivity offers smooth amplification: PC 165 SF can be directly connected to the original car radio or be used with an amplifier to make the most of its performance.
As well as its impressive performance, it is also easy to install thanks to its ultra-compact size and high quality materials.


Unlock Box

Gives you all the apps available from YouTube to Netflix to iptv plus ability for games, also gives the ability for wireless apple car play with Video in motion. Contact B&B Audioconcepts for further details.


Connection Cables

Hanging electronic equipment together is a sophisticated science in itself. Connection was introduced by Audison in the early 200’s and consists of ranges of products for wiring power to amplifiers, amplifiers to speakers and head units to amplifiers. Cables and interconnects are available in three different grades depending on how discerning the listener and their choice of equipment is. Just as you wouldn’t run your Ferrari on Gin you wouldn’t connect your Audison Voce speakers to a Voce amplifier with bell wire. Aside from the quality requirement, when dealing with the extreme current capabilities of large amplifiers to use inferior power wiring could prove extremely dangerous.


4Ever Silent Soundproofing

Our mission was to design and engineer the world’s leading thermo-acoustic deadening and insulation products. The 4ever Silent range far exceeds industry performance standards to deliver excellence in customer satisfaction. Our triple-layer noise absorption design also kills vibration and minimises heat transfer. Our unique one-stop, fit and forget solution is the ultimate automotive upgrade for noise and heat control.

Does it reduce noise? 

We call it 4ever Silent for a reason

Traditional single layer deadening products only control noise in one area through a process called damping. Our unique multi-layer product doesn’t stop there – it also isolates and insulates. This combination gives the best defence against unwanted noise and minimises sound migration.

Does it stop heat?


Interfacial thermo-resistance occurs when select materials with incompatible thermal transfer rates are combined. Our combination of butyl rubber, metal foil and closed-cell foam nearly doubles the total thermal resistance – keeping you cool and comfortable within the vehicle.


Who are B&B Audioconcepts?

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