Lamborghini SVJ META S5 Tracker

September 27, 2019

Meta S5 Vehicle Tracker – Live Tracking – GEO Fencing – Instant Alerts – 24/7 Dedicated Monitoring – Insurance Approved – Thatcham Approved – B&B Audioconcepts


Who are B&B Audioconcepts

So we are B&B (BIG BASS) Audioconcepts, we are specialists in customising, modifying and upgrading anything that moves, whether on land or sea. We are accreditted with our industry’s top affilliations, and you can be confident that your vehicle is in the best possible hands. Audioconcepts have a professional team of staff who are highly experienced in carrying out car audio and security installations for all types of vehicles. Each member is highly skilled in carrying out the services we offer to a very high standard to ensure that each customer gets the best out of their new installation(s).


B&B Audioconcepts Recommends

Its not everyday you get a car booked in that costs more than £400,000 but then again everyday is never the same at B&B Audioconcepts. This beast of a supercar the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ has a monstrous top speed of 217 mph, its insane to put it mildly. The SVJ races to 60mph in sub 3.0 seconds, which is a feat for such a big lump of a roadster.

When you have any car you want to keep it safe and protected from any type of car theft and the owner of this Lamborghini SVJ is no different and came to B&B Audioconcepts to see what we could offer to keep this 759BHP V12 safe from car thieves. B&B Audioconcepts recommended the META S5 Trak.  The META S5 Trak is an Insurance Approved and Thatcham accredited, vehicle tracking solution.


Key Features of META S5 TRAK:

>>> ID Tags to fight modern day theft methods

>>> 24/7 control room monitoring

>>> Live tracking from smartphone, tablet and desktop

>>> Instant alerts if anything out of the ordinary is detected, such as unauthorised movement, low battery and battery disconnect

>>> Journey history and driving score

>>> UK & EU coverage



Sophisticated tracking technology combined with an easy-to-use app.
​Increasing security and connecting you and your vehicle, wherever you are.

Looking to reduce your insurance premiums with an insurance approved, Thatcham accredited, tracking solution? Or simply keep tabs on your car from wherever you are, whenever you want, with a self-monitored service?

There are 36.7 million vehicles on the UK roads today! Having a Meta Trak device installed puts you in control of your vehicle.

>>> ​With live tracking, you’ll know what your car (or the driver in it) is doing at all times.
>>> Get instant alerts directly to your phone if anything out of the ordinary is detected.​
>>> Assess driving efficiency or set up geo fencing – ideal for checking if a young or recently qualified driver is safe.
>>> Choose from one of our insurance approved products for ultimate peace of mind with 24/7 Security Operating Centre monitoring, Driver ID –tags and            immobiliser option.


Once Meta’s easy-to-use app is downloaded you will be connected to your vehicle or machinery anytime, anywhere, on any device!

B&B Audioconcepts can fit the META S5 TRAK to Cars, Vans and Trucks.

Live Tracking

Stay in control. See the real-time position of your vehicle. Our advanced location technology delivers market leading performance and accuracy.


24/7 Monitoring

Meta’s National Security Inspectorate Approved Secure Operating Centre (SOC) monitors your vehicle continuously for greater peace of mind.


Driver ID Tags

Protect against modern day theft methods. Receive an alert if an attempt is made to move your vehicle with no ID tag present.


Instant Alerts

Keep in the know. Immediate notification of a change to your vehicle’s status. Receive alerts for low battery, battery disconnect and get service reminders.


Journey History & Score

Review up to 30 days journey history. Analyse driving efficiency of the last 20 trips, such as braking, cornering and acceleration.


Geo Fencing

Set up geo-fencing and receive notifications when your vehicle moves into or out of the geo-fenced area.


Multiple Vehicle Tracking

​Add multiple vehicles and track them from one login. The Meta S5 app currently supports up to 100 vehicles.


Choose Mode

Use the Meta Trak app to select your mode. Choose options such as privacy, service, transport or garage mode.


UK & EU Coverage

Whether at home or abroad. Our service provides you with coverage in UK and Europe.


Thatcham Approved

Meta solutions have been evaluated and accredited by the Thatcham Research Centre and fully comply with the requirements of your insurance company.


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