Custom Ford Transit | Audio and Multimedia with Security Upgrades

July 2, 2022

Custom R Motion Ford Transit – Multimedia, Audio and Security Upgrades – XFIRE – Focal Speakers – Rear Multimedia Screens – Thinkware DashCam – Starline Security – Soundproofing | B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff


Custom Ford Transit | Audio and Security Upgrades

This custom Ford Transit R Motion cruised in for some high end upgrades, the Audioconcepts team split this upgrade into 4 stages. Huge audio upgrades were installed in the form of XFire and Focal along with some high end soundproofing to keep all that good sound inside. Large 13.5 inch rear multimedia screens installed for pure entertainment with WIFI and Android OS. Finishing of with Starline a full alarm system with interior and exterior protection.

Stage 1 – 4Ever Silent Soundproofing

We used 4 Ever silent soundproofing to cover and protect this custom R motion, this is a 3 layer protection system
1 Thermo-acoustic foam layer
2 Aluminium foil constraining layer
3 Hi-tech butyl rubber layer with 4 ever bond
Advantages :
1 Absorbs noise
2 Stops vibrations
3 Reduces heat transfer

4Ever Silent Soundproofing

Our mission was to design and engineer the world’s leading thermo-acoustic deadening and insulation products. The 4ever Silent range far exceeds industry performance standards to deliver excellence in customer satisfaction. Our triple-layer noise absorption design also kills vibration and minimises heat transfer. Our unique one-stop, fit and forget solution is the ultimate automotive upgrade for noise and heat control.

Does it reduce noise?  – We call it 4ever Silent for a reason

Traditional single layer deadening products only control noise in one area through a process called damping. Our unique multi-layer product doesn’t stop there – it also isolates and insulates. This combination gives the best defence against unwanted noise and minimises sound migration.

Does it stop heat? – Absolutely

Interfacial thermo-resistance occurs when select materials with incompatible thermal transfer rates are combined. Our combination of butyl rubber, metal foil and closed-cell foam nearly doubles the total thermal resistance – keeping you cool and comfortable within the vehicle.


Stage 2 – XFire and Focal Audio Upgrades

  • Xfire ref speakers installed
  • Focal rear flax speakers
  • 2 x 12” ref Xfire subwoofers
  • Xfire dsp
  • Xfire mono amplifier
  • Xfire amplifier
  • Connection cables

Focal Flax Speakers

Treat your car audio installation to powerful sound thanks to the PC 165, a coaxial speaker driver kit with 61/2″ (16.5cm) woofers. The tweeters can be orientated for even greater listening comfort. The woofer, with its Polyglass cone, will surround you in warm sound without colouration.

The speaker driver with integrated crossover makes installation easier. Connect your kit with great ease and enjoy the extreme sensations of listening to Performance speaker drivers. Create your sound with ease.

For thirty years, French experts have been innovating to bring you the best technologies to increase listening comfort. Focal soon became the reference in the car audio sector as well as in the high-end market. The Performance line was designed so you can create your ideal system: powerful, precise and high- fidelity.

What makes the difference:

  • Partial horn loading tweeter
  • High sensitivity
  • High soundstage
  • Dynamics and neutrality


XFIRE 12 Channel DSP

XFIRE AUDIO Sound Processors

Intelligent, Versatile, Integration! XFIRE AUDIO’s answer to modern-day car technology, your musical nirvana comes to life without sacrificing steering wheel controls or functions of your original car radio control system. Each processor has carefully designed input circuits to prevent any errors within todays self diagnostic source units. X-Bass Pro restores those addictive low bass tones we all love and crave for. DSP12 puts you center stage at your favourite Rock concert, Hardcore Rave, Classical Recital, Reggae Jam session, Jazz Festival, R&B Concert, Hip Hop Block Party, Country Music Festival, Blues Concert.



XFR Series Subwoofers were born to be kick-ass high end audio subwoofers for those who work hard and play hard demanding the utmost in power and performance.

XFR Series Subwoofers adopt significant design characteristics from our XMF and XFR ?Decimator? Series Subwoofers delivering up to 3000 Watts of max power handling.


  • Die cast “Dura-Frame” black powder basket with “Direct Coil Cooling”
  • 160 ounce double stacked ferrite motor structure
  • Machined T-yokes with blacked out back plate
  • US made 3″ 4-layer copper voice coil
  • Ultra lightweight black carbon fiber cone with “Preceision Linear Drive” dual stitched resin fiber surround
  • “Dual Core” progressive conex spider assembly with industrial woven dual tinsel leads
  • XFIRE molded motor cover
  • XFIRE secure seal gasket
  • Compression fit terminals


XFIRE EFX 3000D Amplifier

Sleek, Stylish, Aggressive! The result of XFIRE AUDIO’s commitment to design and build sleek, elegant, yet seriously powerful amplifiers able to fit into any audio application with ease. With their stunning cosmetic design, LED backlit XFIRE logo combined with outstanding technologies like Full Range Class D we’ve raised the bar on audio amplification and done it with style. EFX Series Amplifiers are sleek and modern but don?t be fooled by their sophisticated allure, these powerhouses crank out a deadly punch in knockout fashion. No filler, 100% killer. Are you ready to rock?


  • Ultra efficient Mono Block Class-D topology design with 5 volt inputs and 2 ohm stability
  • Extensive customisation controls like LP/Subsonic crossovers make it easy to design the perfect soundstage
  • Small, sleek, blacked-out all aluminium chassis
  • “Direct Device Mount” PCB’s and tight tolerance components for improved signal to noise ratios for superior musical reproduction from the very first note
  • Input and output connectors direct PCB mounted ensuring maximum power and signal transfer while side panel secured terminals resist flex, twist or breakage for structural integrity and performance
  • ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits
  • XFIRE EFX-K1 bass remote included




  • Ultra efficient 4-channel full range Class-D topology design with 5 volt inputs and 2 ohm stability
  • Extensive customisation controls like HP/LP/BP crossovers make it easy to design the perfect soundstage
  • Switchable RCA inputs, except low and high level signals
  • Auto sensing for high level inputs, auto turn on/off for seamless integration with OEM systems
  • Audio output and remote output for daisy chaining amplifiers
  • Small, sleek, blacked-out all aluminium chassis
  • “Direct Device Mount” PCB’s and tight tolerance components for improved signal to noise ratios for superior musical reproduction from the very first note
  • Input and output connectors direct PCB mounted ensuring maximum power and signal transfer while side panel secured terminals resist flex, twist or breakage for structural integrity and performance
  • ISOTEK protects against thermal overload, low voltage and short circuits


Stage 3 – Multimedia and Dashcam

  • Rear 13.5” WiFi multimedia rear screens
  • Front unlock app box
  • Thinkware U1000 twin cctv dash cameras with police camera data base

WIFI 13.5 Inch Rear Entertainment Touch Screens

The scheme is created based on 64 bit RockChip3368 Android 9.0 chip, Cortex A53 1.8GHz Octa-core CPU, Android 9.0 operating system, which supports
Android Mobile Phones and iPhone Wireless Miracast/Airplay, built-in 2GB DDR4 and 16GB memory. It processes powerful multimedia audio and video processing capabilities, supports 4K ultra high definition video playback, built-in graphic processing unit, and capacitive touch screen. The scheme uses high-performance Wi-Fi. Core board external interface has USB, TF, HDMI and earphone, with strong extensibility and a slim design, which is able to meet the demands of various car systems.

Android Rear Screens Special Features

  • Various signal interfaces, no external chip expansion required Support HDMI, Video input, TF card, USB.
  • Built-in quality image processing engine MACE-PRO4 image processing engine can eliminate noise from TV or network video, remove the loss of details and color in video signal transmission, thus improve picture quality, recover all the content details and restore natural and detailed image of the world.
  • Super multimedia processing capability, support max 4K.H 265 video
  • Support mobile phone wireless Miracast Support Android Miracast, iphone Airplay wireless Miracast
  • Youtube and Netflix fully supported


13.5 Inch Touch Screen WIFI CONNECTIVITY

This HD media player features a user-friendly colour interface for easy operation. The tablet has a built-in Android operating system that allows app downloads and WiFi connections.

Turn your mobile device into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot and share its Internet connection with up to 10 other devices at once.

Open your device’s Settings menu. Under “Wireless & networks”, touch More > Tethering & portable hotspot. First make sure that you set up your Wi-Fi hotspot under “Set up Wi-Fi hotspot” and then select the box next to “Portable Wi-Fi hotspot” to start sharing your data connection.


Unlock Box

Gives you all the apps available from YouTube to Netflix to iptv plus ability for games, also gives the ability for wireless apple car play with Video in motion. Contact B&B Audioconcepts for further details.



The Thinkware U1000 4K Dash Cam is the new Flagship camera from Thinkware. It’s one of the most advanced Dash Cameras currently on the market and is the upgrade from our bestselling DashCam, the Thinkware Q800. The U1000 comes as either a Front Only System or Front & Rear System. It’s twice as powerful as the original Q800!

With a Full 4K Front and QHD Rear camera, the U1000 is able to record pristine quality video that captures the crucial details of any incidents you may encounter while driving. Recording at 30 frames per second without dropping a single frame, you can rely on the U1000 to capture every moment of your commute in high definition – be it an accident or an unexpected hit-and-run.

The U1000 also features ‘Super Night Vision 2.0’, a night image correction feature, and ‘Time Lapse’ that dramatically extends the parked recording hours. This new model will also have a new Energy Saving Parking Mode in conjunction with the Optional Radar Sensor. The Radar System will be available later this year but in principle means that your Dash Cam will detect impacts before they happen and will allow your dashcam to stay asleep longer and therefore meaning parking mode will be extended before cutting out.

Dual Save technology is specially designed to save recorded footage in both the microSD memory card and the built-in internal memory in incident recording, safeguarding against the loss of data in the aftermath of a severe collision. In the event that the memory card is damaged, the Dual Save Technology guarantees a backup copy of the video in the internal memory.

Your smartphone and the U1000 can be connected via the exclusive application ‘THINKWARE DASH CAM Mobile Viewer”.
You can Check, download or delete recorded images, update firmware or update safe driving information on the application.

Stage 4 – Starline Security System

Full alarm system via StarLine Systems UK
  • Warn away via siren and phone
  • Folding mirrors
  • Remote start via key fob and phone
  • Ghost immobiliser via steering and Bluetooth tag
  • Shock sensors
  • Tilt sensors
  • GPS tracker
  • Horn honk
  • Custom flexi logic programs

Starline S9 Security – Smart Control Functions

  • GSM 2G/3G Live Car Data via internet. Ability to see car CAN data like battery voltage, fuel level, temperature, opened doors, … from Starline. Mobile app. Start Engine, arm/disarm, control factory heating system.
  • 2CAN+2LIN interface provides easy, convenient and safe installation of StarLine security system to modern cars with CAN and LIN bus.
  • Save money on purchasing an additional bypass module or duplicate key to implement remote engine start on CAN and LIN equipped cars.
  • Intelligent remote and automatic engine start at a determined temperature, time, weekday or by battery voltage.
  • Control over Webasto, Eberspächer preheaters by GSM interface with SMS or StarLine Mobile App.
  • Bluetooth Smart provides reliable control over car security and service functions from your smartphone even out of GSM network (available for iOS and Android smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2 and above and StarLine Mobile App).
  • StarLine will disarm security and unlock the doors when owner approaches a car to wireless tag detection area.
  • Save on vehicle diagnostics — receive vehicle status notifications to mobile phone in StarLine App or at monitoring website
  • StarLine intelligent driving style evaluation service helps increase safety and prevents from penalties, road accident expenses and car parts early wear out.
  • Programmable channels with flexible logic settings for extended vehicle security and comfort functions.


Starline S9 Security – Security Functions

  • Control over car security with factory remote and reliable additional authorisation with wireless tag or smartphone with StarLine Mobile App.
  • Unique patented iCAN technology guarantees reliable protection by hidden engine blocking through a factory digital CAN or LIN bus.
  • Smart 3D control with remote settings registers shocks, car jacking-up, evacuation and evaluates driving style safety.
  • To start driving owner should pass authorisation by a small waterproof wireless tag or smartphone with StarLine Key App (Available for iOS and Android smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2 version and above).
  • Optional wireless R6 or digital R4 relay module provides additional safe engine blocking and allows protection of engine compartment with use of optional StarLine L11+, StarLine L10 hood locks.
  • Additional authorisation provides reliable protection against hijacking, enhancing security functions of factory car alarm. Trip is allowed only after entering an individual PIN-code with car original buttons.
  • StarLine protects against theft and hijacking with safe engine blocking in motion if tag is not detected or with owner’s command by GSM interface.
  • Due to high quality components StarLine security-telematic systems stably operate in severe climatic conditions at temperature from −40°C to +85°C.
  • StarLine guarantees low energy consumption, saving sufficient car battery charge up to 60 days in arm mode due to patented progressive technologies and firmware solutions.


Who are B&B Audioconcepts?

So we are B&B (BIG BASS) Audioconcepts, we are specialists in Vehicle Customising, Vehicle Modifying and Vehicle Upgrading anything that moves, whether on land or sea. We are accredited with our Car Audio Industry’s top affiliations, and you can be confident that your vehicle is in the best possible hands. B&B Audioconcepts has a professional team of staff who are highly experienced in carrying out Car Audio and Car Security installations for all types of vehicles. Each member is highly skilled in carrying out the Installation Services we offer to a very high standard to ensure that each customer gets the best out of their new installation(s). B&B Audioconcepts offer full vehicle customisation from, Vehicle Wrapping, Engine Tuning, Window Tinting, Bodykit Fitting, Alloy Wheel Refurbishment. Get in touch for more details to see how we can take your vehicle / motorbike / boat / yacht to the next level.