July 17, 2017


This custom matt black Nissan Navara double cab truck came to B&B Audioconcepts for some high end technological gadgets.

Clifford Concept 650 MKII Thatcham Approved

Clifford’s Thatcham Category-1 system meets and exceeds the highest standards of the UK insurance industry, and installing one may qualify you for discounted vehicle insurance as a result.

The Concept 650 MkII’s built-in tandem immobiliser circuit is self-arming soon after you park so that your vehicle always remains protected, and these main electronics also reside in an armoured-steel enclosure as an added security measure.

This is one of the most advanced 1-way security systems in the world from Clifford that will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including the dual-zone vibration/impact sensor and 6-tone Insignia2 siren. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience feature like keyless entry. Contact B&B Audioconcepts for more information.


>> Thatcham Approved (Category 1)
>> Dual-Circuit Immobiliser
>> Includes two new style 5-button Transmitters
>> On-board door Lock relays with double pulse lock/unlock capability
>> BlackJax Anti-Carjacking System
>> Dual-Zone Proximity Sensor
>> SSPS5 Battery Backup Siren with Data-link and 6-tone capability
>> Dome Light Supervision
>> 3 Programmable Aux channel outputs
>> Total Closure capability
>> Normally Closed Input
>> Programming upgrades (grid jump)
>> Programming upgrades (PIN free programming, grid jump, etc)


Aguri Fusion GTX100

Protect your license and your no claims bonus with FREE speed trap updates for life.

The ultimate speed trap detector with built-in high definition DVR dash cam. Fusion comes preloaded with our latest speed trap database, so you can use it straight out of the box. Our most advanced GPS speed trap detector combined with outstanding radar and laser performance plus built-in HD dash cam designed specifically for the UK and Europe. Fusion will provide advanced warning of all types of speed traps plus 1000’s of locations where mobile speed traps and laser guns are commonly used. No subscription charges and no download fees.

B&B Audioconcepts finished the install with some Super Bright LED bars and spot lights.  These incredibe quality LED bars are literally bullet proof and ensure you will be lighting the way on any adventure.