BMW Mini Apple Carplay and Rear Camera

December 1, 2022

BMW Mini Apple Carplay and Rear Camera – Wireless Apple Carplay – Rear Parking Camera | B&B Audioconcepts Cardiff


BMW Mini Apple Carplay and Rear Camera

This iconic little Mini was without Apple Carplay and had no reverse camera options from manufacturer. This was an inconvenience for the owner as we live in the age of technology which makes our lives more accessible to the apps we use and full handsfree availability including the wonderful Siri from Apple.  Rear camera integration bring about a visual clarity when reversing and automatically switches between displays when reverse is engaged.


What is Apple CarPlay?

CarPlay was launched in 2014, but was based on the pre-existing “iPod Out” functionality. iPod Out made it possible to plug an iPod into your multimedia system and listen to your music collection through your vehicle’s stereo system. At the same time, the current track or playlist could be shown on the screen, and controlling your iPod — skipping tracks, for example — could be done with your vehicle’s native multimedia controls.

As iPods gave way to far more capable iPhones, Apple was able to revisit its iPod Out technology, and rebuild it with considerably more features. Rather than simply controlling music playback, the new system, dubbed CarPlay, would be able to leverage the full power of an iPhone to run a wide range of apps, including music, messaging and navigation. By creating an interface between your smartphone and your Porsche’s multimedia system, CarPlay lets you enjoy the best of both worlds: the versatility of an iPhone and its broad app ecosystem, combined with the convenience of the dashboard display and in-vehicle controls.

Though CarPlay lets you run many of the same familiar apps you might already be using on your iPhone, the system is optimised for in-car use. That means a new menu design that’s better suited to using behind the wheel. CarPlay does support touchscreens in compatible vehicles, but the system works equally well with the buttons and knobs found on most cars’ dashboards.

BMW Mini Apple Carplay and Rear Camera

Apple CarPlay® Preparation is the fast and convenient way to wirelessly use your iPhone and your favourite iOS apps safely behind the wheel of your MINI. It is an in-car multimedia hub that takes the things you want to do while driving and puts them in your touchscreen display. So you can get directions, conduct phone calls, receive and send messages, and listen to music – while staying fully focused on the road. It also lets you operate Spotify and selected third party apps. You can control the main functions using your MINI’s Touchscreen controls, the MINI Controller or via Siri voice commands. And you can activate Siri on your iPhone by long-pressing the voice control button on the steering wheel.


Apple Carplay Phone in BMW Mini

With the Phone app, it’s possible to ask Siri to dial calls, return missed calls, and listen to voice mail. The CarPlay Phone app also has a keypad so numbers can be punched in on the touchscreen, but for the most part, calls can be initiated by asking Siri to dial an existing contact.

A user might say, “Call mom,” for example, to place a phone call over the car’s speaker system. In-car controls are also used alongside the touchscreen for functions like muting calls or initiating conference calls.


Apple Carplay Messages in BMW Mini

As with phone calls, sending a message is reliant on Siri. Messages are dictated aloud to the voice assistant, with Siri confirming the content of the message to ensure accuracy before sending. When a response is received, Siri asks if the user wants it read aloud and then gives the option to send another text message, with the entire interaction being voice-based to prevent users from looking at their iPhones while driving.

Sample commands within the Messages app include “Read message from Kelly,” or “Send message to mom,” followed by the message content.


Apple Carplay Audiobooks in BMW Mini

The Audiobooks app is part of the iBooks app and lets users listen to audiobooks in their vehicles.


Apple Carplay Music in BMW Mini

The CarPlay Music app allows customers to access content that has been downloaded from iTunes, the Apple Music streaming service, and the free Beats 1 radio station. Like other CarPlay apps, the Music app’s interface is immediately recognisable, with access to Artists, Songs, and Playlists. With Siri, it’s possible for Apple Music subscribers to play a specific songs or artists on-demand with commands like “Siri, play Beyonce.”


Apple Carplay Podcasts in BMW Mini

With the Podcasts app, CarPlay users can listen to their downloaded podcasts. The CarPlay interface is similar to the interface on iOS devices and should be immediately familiar to those who frequently use the Podcasts app.


BMW Mini Reverse Camera

Why use a Reverse Camera?

Reverse cameras are small, wide-angle cameras mounted in the rear of a vehicle, and connected either to the infotainment screen on the instrument panel, or a small monitor in the rear-view mirror itself.

When the driver starts reversing, the camera screen automatically appears to show the rear of the car. Some systems feature lines on the screen, called “moving parking guidelines”, as a guide to show the path of the direction of the car to further help the driver to reverse accurately.

Manufacturers are starting to include reversing cameras as a standard safety feature on new car models, but you don’t have to buy a brand-new vehicle to be able to enjoy the technology. In addition, many current car owners are having them installed on their older cars for their many benefits. Reversing cameras are intended to help you judge the distance between your car and other vehicles or objects behind you. Here are four ways rear-view cameras can make your car safer:


Eliminate Blind Spots
The rear-view mirror on your car can only show you so much, and even turning your head to look around while you back your car up does not always allow you to take in everything around you. A reverse camera on your car helps eliminate blind spots as you back up. Additionally, some cars come with sensors, so you know when something is in your blind spot that you still can not see on the reversing camera.


Keep Children and Pets Safe
Children are small, and most pets are low to the ground. Both children and animals can remain out of view as you back up your car in your driveway and parking spaces. A reverse camera shows you what is directly behind your car. Some cameras show a wider area than others, but a reversing camera, installed on your car, can save the lives of your children and pets.


Busy car parks are a complete disaster when you’re trying to back your car out of a tight spot. Parallel parking on a busy street is even more of a nightmare. A reverse camera can protect you against backing into or even just grazing another car as you try to complete these tasks.


Imagine being in a situation where either the car in front of you in a busy traffic needs to back up a little bit or it is your car that must back up. Reverse cameras make this backing up an easy and stress-free process.

Reverse cameras can help prevent injury or death, as well as damage to your car and those around you. They are helpful when you need to judge the distance between you and other cars and objects. Regardless if your car comes with a reverse camera pre-installed or if you install it yourself, it provides a handful of safety addition for you, your family and those you share the road with. You will be more prepared in car parks, traffic and at your own home.


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